Interview With Avatar Producer Jon Landau

During the press junket events for Avatar in London last week, I was lucky enough to get 15 minutes chatting with Jon Landau. That full interview is available as a video below the break.

Landau was the film's producer and is James Cameron's partner in Lightstorm Entertainment. Should Cameron go ahead with Avatar 2 next, or maybe even Battle Angel Alita, the one collaborator we can guarantee will be by his side is Landau. Indeed, the producer must already know a great deal more about those projects than he could ever tell. Of course, that doesn't stop him dropping the odd tantalising hint.

Here's the video. I've been using YouTube lately to host my videos for /Film but I used Vimeo this time to get a running time of over ten minutes without having to split the clip.

So tell me... is fifteen minutes a good running time for something like this? Or would you like longer pieces?

You'll probably agree that junket interviews tend towards a repetitive and characterless nature, though I should say this is through no fault of the subjects or interviewers. Landau must have spoken to a good number of people that day and it was very unlikely he'd be able to get any real idea of the flavour, style, interests and intent of each of these people's outlets. As such, you might sense that some of the earlier questions in this video lead towards concise and soundbite-friendly answers that would work on any kind of website. Going onward, though, I think we managed to break out of that somewhat and hopefully created something more suitable to /Film's informed and inquisitive readers.

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