The Inception Poster: A Couple Things You Might Not Have Noticed

The teaser poster for Christopher Nolan's Inception hit the web yesterday. There are a couple of observations that we didn't include in our initial posting that I think some of you might be interested in. For instance, did you notice the similarity between the Inception poster and the Joker teaser poster for Christopher Nolan's last film The Dark Knight? I believe Devin might have been the first to notice. For some reason I'm guessing that it was unintentional. More after the jump.

Jen Yamato mentioned to me on Twitter that Leonardo DiCaprio, on the poster, looks a lot like director Chris Nolan. Look at the images below.zz5d20b2cfChristopher Nolan

A lot of people have also said the same thing about Leonardo when we posted set photos from Inception. The character, at very least, has the same hair style and fashion sense as the film's director.