More Iron Man 2 Footage (War Machine!) And Two New 'Clues'

We're months away from Iron Man's return to screens, and every scrap of Iron Man 2 footage is precious. Yesterday there was an Entertainment Tonight clip that teased the show's broadcast of a chunk of footage from the film, and now there's a second teaser clip. Both show some of the stuff we saw at Comic Con and new footage as well. But the kicker in the second clip is that we get to see War Machine and Iron Man fighting side by side.

Check out the clip after the break.

Super Iron Man geeks take note: in the flash of footage with both shellhead and War Machine, you can plainly see that Iron Man's chest emblem is triangular, rather than the circle seen in the first film and other IM2 clips and photos. That should be enough to start a wave of conversation about the new armor we'll see in the flick.

Meanwhile, there have been two more clues in that offbeat Iron Man 2 ad campaign that kicked off last week. Like the first image, the two new pieces both appear to be news articles that would be pasted on Whiplash's workroom wall. Each has a different highlighted word, the first had 'secret', and the second and third feature 'Stark' and 'confession'. OK, until we know more that's 'secret Stark confession,' which to students of the comics is naturally going to lead to an assumption that Tony Stark's alcoholism plays a part in this story.

But more likely this points to secrets held by Stark's father — the secrets that caused, in some fashion, the origin of Whiplash. We'll likely see more of these 'clues' in the coming days, and hopefully they'll shed some light on what Marvel and Paramount are playing at.

See the small images below, and check out Screen Rant and CHUD for the full size ones.