Dreamworks Picks Up Pitch Based On Craigslist Missed Connections Comics Anthology, I Saw You

Will this be our first Craigslist-inspired romantic comedy? Dreamworks has picked up a pitch for a film adaptation of I Saw You... — a compilation of comics edited by Julia Wertz, and authored by various artists, based on real-life Craigslist and newspaper missed connection posts. The idea comes courtesy of screenwriter Andrea McCloud, and George Tillman Jr. (Soul Food, Notorious) is set to produce and direct.

Some samples of the comics after the break.


Depending on the comics chosen for the adaptation, this could actually end up being a decent romcom compilation a la Love Actually.

The comic anthology has also gotten some decent reviews. From Paul Constant at The Stranger:

The cumulative effect of I Saw You... is to sing the praises of city life: all these young, attractive people wandering around in sexy boots, arguing about bobcats, falling over drunk in bathrooms, and being hot and homeless. Gay or straight, male or female, people in cities fall in love a little bit all the time; sometimes it seems as though that missed potential is the engine that powers things and keeps people going about their business every day. Wertz could put out one of these books every year, and if the quality of the cartoonists were to hold up, it would still be fascinating a decade from now.

I realize that the automatic response among many film fans is to snub romcoms right from the outset, but as someone who has been forced to sit through many a romcom, I can assure you they're not all created equal. While you have the dreck of the genre starring the likes of Matthew McConaughey, there's a lot to like about some of the more finely crafted entries like The Break Up.

Basically, this is me saying: Fuck you, The Proposal was delightful.

[Source: THR]