Is 'Cop Out' The Title Of Kevin Smith's Newest Film? Also, A New Inception Trailer For Christmas?

The other day, Kevin Smith revealed that after a very lengthy decision process beginning with Warner Brothers deciding to drop the title of his new film A Couple of Dicks, then deciding to keep it, in the end the film would lose its original, double-entendre-worthy title. But what would the new title be?

Now, evidence has surfaced that the title of Smith's new film may, in fact, be Cop Out. Hit the jump for what we know.

According to The Film Stage, the Warner Brothers Exhibitor's Website has a listing of the trailers for several upcoming films:

Trailer Placements: 12/25/09

* Sherlock Holmes: (ATT) Clash Of The Titans (TR1) / Inception (TR2) – COMBO RT 2:30 – New Trailers

* Sherlock Holmes: (ACC) Cop Out (TR1) New Trailer

* It's Complicated: Valentine's Day (TR3)

* Nine (Expansion): Valentine's Day (TR3)

* Up In The Air (Expansion): Edge Of Darkness (TR1)

* The Road (Expansion): Edge of Darkness (TR1)

So a trailer for a film entitled Cop Out might be attached to Sherlock Holmes? There's a few pieces of evidence indicating that Cop Out is the new title of Smith's film. Recall that Smith's original statement at News Askew read as follows:

The Movie Formerly Known as A COUPLE OF DICKS has finally settled on a (network-policy-dictated) replacement title! While we'll always have DICKS in our hearts, the title we just now locked makes me smile on a bunch of different levels – including this 1: we can now advertise our movie properly (& ironically). And said marketing begins... on every print of SHERLOCK HOLMES, Christmas Day!

So, Smith's film has a mainstream-friendly title that is ironic and will be on every print of Sherlock Holmes. Combine this with the fact that there is currently no upcoming film listed in IMDB named Cop Out and it seems like this might fit the bill, especially as the title could be referencing Warner Brothers' lack of resolve in sticking with the original title. I don't have access to Warner Brothers' exhibitors website, but if you do, feel free to shoot me an e-mail at slashfilmcast(AT)gmail(DOT)com to confirm or deny this report. If Warner Brothers issues a statement on the matter, as they were supposed to days ago, then we'll update this post.

Also, according to this listing, it looks like there will be a new Inception trailer for Christmas Day as well, so Sherlock Holmes viewers will have an abundance of visual treats under the tree awaiting them. Note that while it was originally thought that the first Iron Man 2 trailer might be in front of Holmes, there are now reports that it might play in front of Avatar instead.

Discuss: If Cop Out is in fact the new title, what do you think of it, especially compared to A Couple of Dicks?