Puzzle Over The First Stage Of An Iron Man 2 Viral / ARG Campaign

Just hours ago we had a great new poster for Iron Man 2 featuring Mickey Rourke as Whiplash. Now there's an image said to be an "Iron Man 2 clue." But a clue to what? Your guess is as good as ours right now.

We see what appears to be one of the newspaper clippings adorning Whiplash's work area, with the word 'secret' highlighted and a faint arrow pointing right towards a grim-looking Tony Stark. People are already puzzling over the obvious elements, like the placement of the arrow and the color of the highlight around 'secret'. (Is it green, or a yellow band that looks green because of the photo's tint?)

The Dark Knight had a great alternate reality game (ARG) / viral campaign; maybe fans will be handed something similar for Iron Man 2. Hopefully this won't just exist on computer screens, and will intrude into the real world the way TDK's did. See more after the jump.SuperheroHype has the full image as an exclusive — click on the small version below to see what it is. Note that the clipping seen here is not part of the background of the new poster, though there may be links from this image back to that one. Enlarging and tweaking the color, the background is interesting — is that in Stark's home lab, or in Whiplash's workshop? Looks a bit like a stage dressing room, with what appear to be lights around a mirror. And the frame around the whole image is odd — is that broken glass?

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