The Wolfman Gets Bloody R-Rating

After numerous delays, reshoots, editing changes after multiple test screenings, and of course – Danny Elfman's infamous departure, I wasn't sure The Wolfman would actually be completed for the planned February 12th 2010 release. Well, it appears that a final cut is in hand.

Universal just informed me that The Wolfman has finally received a rating from the MPAA, and has been rated 'R' for "bloody horror, violence and gore." I've never recieved an e-mail from a studio publicist bragging about a film's MPAA rating before, nevermind a bloody R-rating. I would assume that Universal wants everyone to know that they have decided to go with the longer, bloodier, more violent (and from what I've heard, better) cut of the film.

If Universal is happy with the film, I would expect them to start screening it to the public pretty soon, possibly even this week, to spark word of mouth interest.