MacGruber Test Screening Review: "Best SNL Film Since Wayne's World"

Amir Bednarsh was given the opportunity to see an early screening of MacGruber, and posted an early test screening review on The Vertex. It should be noted that this is not a review of the final film, but thoughts on an early cut of the movie (sans final effects, edits, music...etc). Basically, everything could change.

I have included a few excerpts from the review below, minus spoilers:

I was wary that it would follow in the path of prior Saturday Night Live films. Most sketch concepts generally flourish when they're just that – sketches. A full-length comedy falls into the trap of relying on the same old recycled jokes to the point where you not only loathe the film, but you retroactively dislike the sketches they were based on. You might not believe me when I tell you this, but there's no doubt: MacGruber was amazing. ... Unlike other comedies, MacGruber isn't completely tongue-in-cheek. The characters surrounding MacGruber play their roles more seriously, resulting in outstanding rapport between the hero and his cohorts. .... The second star of the film is the hilarious and talented Kristen Wiig, who, as usual, delivers the performance expected of a comedian on top of her game. ... MacGruber is the best SNL film since Wayne's World back in 1992. It manages to take the concept of the original sketch and infuse it with new life. It generally works at all times, and manages to combine physical comedy, witty banter, and awkward sex. If you enjoy a good comedy, go see this movie when it comes out next year. Trust me, this movie is...

You can read the full test screening review, which includes a a lot more plot and character details, on The Vertex.