WTF: Secret Wachowski Brothers Futuristic War Movie In Production?

Are the Wachowski Brothers shooting a top secret movie right now? This is the question I received in my email from /Film reader Seann A, who included a link to Arianna Huffington's twitter account. Many of you will recognize Huffington as a syndicated columnist and co-founder of the liberal news website The Huffington Post.

Arianna sent out a bunch of interesting tweets today claiming to be shooting a part in a Wachowskis Brothers film, a movie about the Iraq War, from the perspective of the future. I would normally just write this off as not legit, but Huffington has posted photos from the set, one of which features Wachowski brother turned sister Lana Wachowski. Is it possible that the Wachowski Brothers have actually sneaked their next film into production without anyone noticing? Or is this just part of a short film, commercial, or test footage for a potential future project?

Anyone have any ideas or know anything more solid? We'll keep you updated.


  • Erik Davis (of cinematical fame) e-mailed me in response asking if it could be Cloud Atlas, the Wachowski Brothers-produced Tom Tykwer-directed adaptation of the postmodern novel by David Mitchell . But as far as I've heard, that film is still in the development stages and Tykwer just wrapped last week on a new feature called Drei (Three), so it is unlikely that he is back behind the camera so soon. Or maybe Tykwer is no longer involved?
  • Devin from Chud claims the Wachowskis are not yet in production, but are spending a couple says shooting "test footage" for theirĀ  next project.
  • More photos after the jump.


    With Lana Wachowski and her parents


    Profile shot from the futuristic movie on Iraq.


    Quick break during the shoot


    Update: It's a wrap! With Andy and Lana Wachowski at the end of a great shoot