Breaking News: T-Shirts Reveal Top Secret Casting Developments

Last week MTV noticed that Sam Worthington was wearing an Avengers t-shirt, and speculated that the actor might be cast or is conducting a silent campaign to be cast in the upcoming super-hero team-up film. At the time, we thought the conclusion was asinine, overly-reaching and sensationalistic.

I mean, Worthington has previously admitted to being a comic book reader, and it seems logical that the Avengers shirt might just be part of his casual wardrobe. But now that we've done some research of our own, we've uncovered evidence to suggest otherwise.

We've even discovered a batch of photos which might connect other actors and filmmakers with upcoming film projects, some of which haven't even been announced in the trades. Check out what we've discovered after the jump.

zz102f0b31Edgar Wright was spotted wearing an Endless Summer t-shirt. Could he be planning a narrative remake of the 1966 surfer documentary? Could be...

Eli Roth's Scorsese t-shirt

Eli Roth is wearing a t-shirt with the word "SCORSESE". Could this mean that he is planning to remake Martin Scorsese's classic Taxi Driver? We think it's a possibility!


This photo of Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody from the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival most definitely indicates that she has been tapped to write a Nightmare on Elm Street sequel for Platinum Dunes.

Megan Fox Star Wars

Megan Fox was spotted wearing a Star Wars t-shirt, could she be in the running to play Princess Leia in a new Stars Wars remake? We think so!


This obviously photoshopped picture of Quentin Tarantino holding up a Goonies t-shirt seems to indicate that Tarantino is developing a Goonies remake, set during World War II, where we never get to see what is inside One Eyed Willie's pirate ship. Could it be gold? We'll never know.


And everyone is wondering what James Cameron will do after Avatar, but this photo suggests that he is prepping a sequel to Titanic. But if Cameron is doing Titanic 2 next, then who is going to direct the planned Avatar sequel?


Wait, JJ Abrams, what is that logo on your t-shirt!?

* If anyone didn't get the obvious sarcasm, yes, this whole post is a joke.