McG Still Wants To Make 5th And 6th Terminator Movies

The rights to the Terminator franchise are on the block, and the future of the film series is in doubt at the moment. But someone will end up holding the bag sooner or later (or a recapitalized Halcyon will retain them) and at that point another film will go into production. A fifth has been in development, though it hasn't gone terribly far, given the financial instability of rights holder Halcyon.

Prior to release, Terminator: Salvation was said to be the first film in a new trilogy, and director McG had previously said he wanted to make the additional films. Last night, during the BD-Live commentary on Salvation, McG said he still plans to make those movies.

The only transcript of the chat I have right now is the liveblog done by a slightly beered-up Jason Chen at Gizmodo. There, amidst some healthy scorn for the technical difficulties encountered during the livecast, Chen has these notes:

7:13: He just announced that he's making another Terminator movie. Seriously.

7:16: Oh and for those people who are punching themselves in the face that he's making another one? He said he's making one after that.

7:21: And now McG is being coy about making another one? I don't get it.

7:24: And now he's talking about a second or third movie again.

7:46: He says Sarah Connor is going to be in the next film, but he's not sure how he's going to pull that off.

Additionally, Chen recounts that McG says he only saw one episode of The Sarah Connor Chronicles and that he ignored Terminator 3. He also expressed disappointment that he wasn't able to make the best film in the series.

And just in case you think McG didn't learn anything from Christian Bale, there's this comment in response to a question about the "horrible Charlie's Angels films": "I really like those movies. If you don't like them you can fuck off."