Spanish Movie Trailer: A(nother) Herald Of The End Times

Never, ever make the mistake of thinking that the US has a lock on shitty, terrible 'parody' comedy films. There's an argument to be made that we're not even close to the worst offender when it comes to making quick-buck films like Date Movie and Epic Movie.

As proof, here's the trailer for Spanish Movie, a film produced in Spain that pokes fun at a broad swath of globally-recognizable Spanish-language films. The references are diverse, ranging from The Orphanage and Pan's Labyrinth to The Sea Inside and No Country For Old Men. (Not exactly a Spanish film, but Javier Bardem is close enough, I guess.) Some of the films used as material are a bit out of date, but the comedy on display in the trailer is hardly fresh.

Javier Ruiz Caldera directs the film, which is expected to become one of the year's biggest box-office successes in Spain. It was produced by some of the same producers and companies that are behind the films parodied in the pic. They even got Leslie Nielsen to show up. Expect to see it in the states — I know the film was at the American Film Market, and while I don't believe there's a US distro set up yet, don't be surprised if something comes together quickly. And see if you can spot the notable creative types who cameo in the film. Then try not to get depressed.

The film opened this weekend in Spain. Here's the primary trailer. Underneath is a rough translation of the voice-over and dialogue, originally posted by Amleth in the comments section at Twitch.

VO: In a world of darkness, there are voices that cry out to be heard...

(child whispering) It's here... It has come...

- Who are you?!

- Egermina, at your service (quite old village-ish name and manners)

VO: If you spent half your life in The Orphanage and now you spend your "Mondays in the Sun"...

(pun with Bardem's movie "Los Lunes al Sol")

- What's up with you?

VO: If you are "Sea Inside"...

- Again with your foolishness? Forget about him, he's always faking.

VO: ...and you are unable to "To Return"...

(pun with Almodóvar's "Volver")

-To return (singing)

-Don't think this is vice, it's because I'm ill.

VO: If you blame it on "The Others"...

-I'm photosensitive!

-Come on! You're just drawn! Go out to play and catch some fresh air! (in a quite villageish way of talking)

VO: When you get lost in "Pan's Labyrinth"...

-Something like you is what happens when a shepherd likes his goats a lot?

-What's this!?

-A talking goat. Can we keep it?

-Oh... All right. But try it not to shit on the carpets, they're too expensive.

VO: If you think this is "No Country for Old Men", then "Open Your Eyes"...

(Pun with Amenabar's 2nd movie "Abre los Ojos"").

VO ...turn your back "to the sad" reality.

("to the sad"="a la triste" pun with Mortessen's "Alatriste" (which means Sad Wing btw).

- Quiet! I come form a war, not from playing bingo.

- Come on babe! He's turned so old. (No, I don't get it either).

VO: Push "REC" in your brain...

- Record it all! (girl whispering)

-Don't worry! I know what I'm doing!

VO: "Spanish Movie" has arrived!

- Everything is so supernatural... huh? Are you playing with your flashlight again?