Buried Movie Poster: Ryan Reynolds Is Not Happy

Hot on the heels of Rodrigo Cortes' Buried being chosen for the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, a poster has been released for the film (via Quietearth). We first got wind of this film back in summer, when it was revealed that the movie would primarily be a one-man show starring Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds plays a civilian contractor in Iraq who is kidnapped and buried alive in the desert, left with a lighter, a knife, and a cell phone to get himself out.

Fans of The Tobolowsky Files will recall that inĀ  episode 3, actor Stephen Tobolowsky revealed that he will play a voice in the film on the other end of a cell phone line (The film was already completed at that point and he was just doing ADR). Despite this, my understanding is still that Reynolds will be the only actor we will see on screen. Will Reynolds be able to hold the film together all by himself? It'll be an interesting experiment to witness.

Hit the jump for the poster, and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

buriedposterQuietearth also has two of the concept images that didn't make it into the film, so be sure to check those out too. All three images are pretty remarkable, and prompt me to ask: Why do the best movie posters come from indie films? The obvious answer is that studio films need to be marketed and advertised with an eye towards profitability and inclusiveness, whereas indie films can frequently take more chances. When you aren't forced to plaster Ryan Reynolds' face all over a poster, you can make some pretty interesting art out of a "buried alive movie" concept. Who knew?