Fan Art: Chris Hemsworth As Thor

We've featured a bunch of Josh MC's fan art on /Film in the past: You might remember his famous rendering of Ryan Reynolds at the Green Lantern, or Kristen Bell as Harley Quinn and Anne Hathaway as Batgirl. His latest piece takes a look at what Chris Hemsworth might look like in costume as Thor. Josh writes:

Perhaps a taste of what's to come? I'll find out in a few months if I'm close or not to what ever they end up going with. Been wanting to do this one for a while as we've been getting more and more Thor news leaking out, I went more Norse armour-ish and less superhero like.

Hit after the jump for the full photo.

Thor Chris Hemsworth fan art

Check out more of Josh MC's fan art on FanArtExhibit. Thanks for /Film reader movieboy for the tip.