Daybreakers Extended TV Trailer

We haven't talked much about Daybreakers, the upcoming vampire film by writer/director siblings Michael and Peter Spierig, but the release of the film's extended TV trailer seems reason enough to shed some light on it. The film stars Ethan Hawke and Willem Dafoe in a world where vampires rule, and humans are a minority hunted for blood. In the trailers it's revealed that the vampires blood supply is dwindling, and that they're searching for a synthetic blood substitute. There's also talk of a "cure"—apparently the worldwide vampirism was caused by a plague of some sort.

I like the film's reversal by making vampires the dominant group, and overall it looks like a perfectly stylish blend of sci-fi and horror. Quite honestly, I was hoping we'd eventually see a film with this premise in the Blade universe, but we can thank David Goyer for running that into the ground with Blade: Trinity.

Peter saw the film back at TIFF in September and discussed his thoughts in a video review with Frosty from Collider. They praised the film for its high concept, some action sequences, and the Spierig brother's ability to get a lot out of a low budget. Overall, it was better than they both expected. Apparently, Daybreakers was delayed for some time since its completion, which had them both worried about its quality going in.

You can check out the TV trailer for the film below, or in HD at Yahoo:

And since we never ran the first trailer, view it below (or Yahoo for HD):

The TV trailer does a decent enough job of selling the film in sixty seconds, but I do hope that Lionsgate starts running that theatrical trailer again now that we're nearing the film's release. I remember seeing it months ago, when it was released over the summer, and wondering why the heck nobody was talking about this movie.
Daybreakers hits theaters on January 8, 2010.