Cool Stuff: Chop Shop's Master T-Shirt Collection

We've featured many of the Chop Shop's t-shirts in past editions of Cool Stuff. The designs usually feature a collection of themed people, creatures, objects, or things from popular movies/books/video games. For Christmas 2009, ChopShop is making their entire collection of iconic tees available in one collection: The Chop Shop Master Collection. The set includes: The Internets (29 Memes), weRobot (51 Robots), alienWe (50 aliens), weGo (53 vehicles), rockStar (28 classic rockers), rebelRock (34 punks, funks and rockers), videoRock (31 80's pop stars), weScare (59 Monsters), weBite (35 vampires), undeadWe (51 zombies, ghosts and spirits) and Dapper Men (141 Dudes). Together featuring over 560 icons on 11 tees for only $155 (that is 30% off or $14 each). Check out photos of the t-shirt designs included in this collection after the jump.

Dapper Men: 141 dudes sporting a right gentlemanly combination of hair, beard or mustache with a good majority scoring with all 3. Can you figure out all 141? No way.zz4b62780aundeadWe: 51 zombies, ghosts, mummies, spirits and other boo-tiful members of the living dead. References range from television, film, video games, popular music, animation, literature, legend and another one from the breakfast table.zz6df15aebweBite: 35 variations on the vampire ranging from multiple sources: film, sitcoms, anime, cartoons, children's entertainment, video games, comics, comedy and even the breakfast table. All arranged into the form of a bat.zz227aa24dweScare: 58 celebrated creatures from the various genres of horror, fiction, fantasy and even comedy. As usual the reference sources are wide-ranging from film, television, children's literature, video games & gaming, comics and more.weRobot: 51 celebrity robots pulled from popular culture references from literature, film, tv, cartoon, children's literature, video games and even rock music.zz1c6e5c5cweGo: 55 different vehicles from film, television, children's books, video games and two with rock credentials. Can you figure out all 55? There is even a few bikes, vans and flying vehicles to round the crowd out.zz145f9ec5alienWe: 50 different aliens from film, television, books, toys and one even a couple from rock history!zz6380d493The Internets: 29 memorable memes from '97 to today.zz47101326weRock (80's): 31 pop, rock and alternative rockers whose careers peaked between the years 1980 and 1989.zz7c0d6c37Rebel Rock (70's): 31 classic rock, punk and post-punk celebrities whose stars burnt brightest from 1972-1982.zz611a9b72weRock (60's): 28 classic rockers whose stars burnt brightest from 1964-1976.zz3640abc0Cool Stuff is a daily feature of Know of any geekarific creations or cool products which should be featured on Cool Stuff? E-Mail us at

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