Ninja Assassin Red Band Movie Trailer

Advance word on James McTeigue's Ninja Assassin hasn't been too hot, but perhaps this newly released red band trailer can change your mind. Not surprisingly, it's blood drenched and features more gore than in previous trailers—and we also see far more extensive use of CG this time around. We've previously reported on footage of Rain training for the film, but with this trailer it's hard to see any of that put to use.

View the trailer below courtesy of IGN:

At this point I wish that the Wachowski brothers had enlisted someone like Ryuhei Kitamura to take on the film. His work on Versus and Azumi is more than enough to qualify him for a film like Ninja Assassin—and honestly it's something he could probably tackle with little effort. I also won't deny that it would be a total geek dream of mine to see Kitamura and the Wachowskis work together.
Check out the trailer for Azumi below:
It's not a perfect film, by any means. But with a small budget and a cast of untrained teenage actors, Kitamura managed to craft something that could hold up to many other treasured ninja films. He showed similar inventiveness with Versus, where he somehow managed to fit in zombies, samurai, yakuza, and demons with great choreography in a single low-budget film.