Tron Legacy Video Game Teaser Shows Glimpses Of New Tech In Action

You know there's a new Tron film (Tron Legacy) coming out next year, and so it should be no great leap to realize that Disney will be flogging a new video game at the same time. Can't get too upset about that if it's anything like 2003's Tron 2.0, which was pretty damn good. We haven't seen much of the game so far, but it seems to be called simply Tron (bit confusing; expect that to change) and there's a brief teaser online as part of the promotion for yet another SpikeTV awards show.

Why do you care? Stands to reason that the new game will suggest what we'll see in the new film, and there are a couple of designs in the teaser that might be new to you. Seeing them in motion is definitely new. Check out the clip after the break.

The most notable things here are glimpses of the new Recognizers, which in accordance with many of the other new vehicle designs, are more rounded and artfully lit than the original filmed versions. (We saw them briefly at Comic Con, as shown here.) They're shown very briefly, as is everything in this teaser, and the presentation is low-res enough that it's difficult to see all the details I'd like. (And beyond this web presentation, the actual cut of the teaser seems designed to obscure the designs somewhat.)

So, yeah, we don't get to see much here, but is that a little taste of new music at the end there? Not quite; sounds a lot like what was in the Comic Con teaser footage, though perhaps it's a different mix.

This clip has been online for about a week, but somehow seems to have escaped notice; it doesn't even have 300 views right now. It promotes the Spike Video Game Awards 2009, which takes place on December 12, so expect to see more Tron footage then.tron_game_1tron_game_2