James Cameron's Avatar: Ten New Featurettes Revealed In "Interactive Trailer"

20th Century Fox is really trying to sell James Cameron's Avatar as a technological leap in the filmmaking process, by releasing marketing materials which test the boundaries of what have been done before.ou may have seen video footage of the action figure line, which offers an augmented reality component. The latest release is an Interactive trailer for the film, which you can access on the official Avatar website. The trailer is less of a trailer, and more of a program. You actually have to download and install it using Adobe Air. So what is it? Basically it allows you to watch featurettes which let you learn more about the characters and creatures. The featurettes are accessed by clicking hotspots during the trailer.

I recommend you check it out for yourself. While I think that it is a cool step forward, I found the experience rather annoying. There doesn't really seem to be anything really interactive about it. There is no room to explore, or discover anything beyond the few featurettes that pop up while watching the trailer. In fact, I think I would have had a better user experience if they had given me a website which allowed me to access any of the featurettes on demand, without having to download a program, or sit through a trailer waiting for the hotspots to arrive, in order to watch them.

Trailer Addict has the featurettes online. So those of you who are unable to download the interactive trailer program will be able to watch the new featurettes embedded them after the jump.

Jake Sully

Trudy Chacon


Dr. Grace Augustine



The Banshee

The Scorpion


AMP Suit