LOL: Conan O'Brien, Brandon Routh, Martha Macisaac And Aubrey Plaza Spoof New Moon

With The Twilight Saga: New Moon set to hit theaters this week, it seems like a lot of celebrities have been getting into the New Moon parody business. After the jump you will find videos featuring Brandon Routh (Superman Returns), Martha Macisaac (Becca from Superbad), Aubrey Plaza (Funny People, Mystery Team) and Conan O'Brien.

Conan O'Brien wonders if the scenes between the werewolves are just a little too sexy.Aubrey Plaza stars in Twilight: Three Wolf Moon: " 100% passion. 100% danger. 100% cotton."Brandon Routh and Martha Macisaac star in Twilight Cycles: "Don't let that time interfere with your relationship with your vampire boyfriend."