Kick-Ass Trailer With Commentary By Matthew Vaughn

I'm a big fan of commentary tracks and would likely listen to a couple a day if my schedule permitted it. That's even despite the almost constant disappointment they present when the participants simply resort to describing the action on screen or puffing things up with a bunch of 'amusing' production anecdotes. Not every track can be Lars von Trier or Steven Soderbergh debating with their collaborators, I suppose.

Trailers with commentary tracks are far too rare – I could definitely fit in a couple of those a day. Getting them out there before the film hits is exciting too, maybe even allowing the filmmakers a way to sell their product with a little insight or incentive to actually engage, rather than just bright colours and flashing lights.

After the break you'll be able to see the recent Kick-Ass teaser with a commentary from director Matthew Vaughn. Judge for yourself how interesting he makes the film sound.

This clip comes from French Premiere. They spoke to Vaughn via the telephone and cut together some of what he said in a loosely-appropriate match with the visuals – as is actually the case with a surprising number of discs. It's definitely not screen specific, but it's certainly more relevant than the vast majority of tracks out there and Vaughn seems to have no idea he's even recording a commentary in the first place.

With such a brisk teaser, Vaughn didn't have long to talk at all but if he could sustain that sort of density of commentary over a full feature he'd certainly hold my attention. There's something to these cut-and-paste commentary tracks, don't you think?

The specific references being Quentin Tarantino and Spider-Man are interesting. One might imagine that Tarantino's own version of Spider-Man could well have shared a lot of ideas with Kick-Ass.

So, that's Vaughn's say, but he's certainly not the only Kick-Ass creator I'm interested in. Jane Goldman or Mark Millar, if you're out there and want to supply your own trailer over-dub, you know what to do.