LOL: Star Trek Gag Reel

JJ Abrams' Star Trek hits DVD/Blu-ray shelves today nationwide, and if you're debating on buying the Blu-ray special edition – just do it. I got a chance to watch a sampling of the special features while hanging out at Film School Rejects headquarters the other night, and boy is this release extensive. One of the highlights of the special features is the Gag Reel. I'm not usually that into blooper reels because they usually consist of a bunch of botched takes strung together, with only one or two funny moments. But the Trek gag reel is extremely well edited, attempts to tell a narrative, and gives you a good idea of the quality of the other special features that are also contained on this release. And we learn that Mr. JJ Abrams is not only a great screenwriter/filmmaker, but also a master at creating jams on a microphone in between takes. You can watch the gag reel embedded after the jump.