Warner Bros Announces DVD2Blu: Upgrade Your DVD Movies To Blu-Ray For As Low As $7.95

Warner Home Video announced today that they would begin promoting a new program which will allow consumers to upgrade their WB DVD titles to Blu-ray for as low as $7.95 (although prices do go as high as $9.95). Some of you might remember that the studio offered a similar program allowing consumers to upgrade their HD-DVD titles to Blu-ray, called Red2Blu.

Warner Bros Home Video has set up the website DVD2Blu.com, which contains a system which allows consumers to mail in their standard DVDs in exchange for upgraded Blu-ray discs. Orders over $50 will receive free shipping. My only complaint is the selection of qualifying titles is really limited: there are only 55 qualifying titles right now. Check out DVD2Blu.com for a list of qualifying movies. I'm sure the list is sure to grow in the coming months.