Casting Notes: Cillian Murphy Rumored For Danny Boyle's Next; Two For Anna Faris; Thora Birch In Bonnie And Clyde

Here's a big and very likely wholly unsubstantiated casting rumor to start the day: One of the UK tabloids is saying that Cillian Murphy is Danny Boyle's top choice to play Aron Ralston, the mountain climber at the center of his next film 127 Hours. That 'news' comes by way of News of the World, and is likely a scoop the paper got when they lined up photos of people who'd starred in previous Boyle films and had a blind guy throw darts. We're basically reporting this now as a means of saying 'don't buy it for a second'.

After the break, new stuff for Anna Faris and a reminder that the crazy remake of Bonnie and Clyde didn't die quietly over the summer.Anna Faris will be in Wedding Banned, the Robin Williams romcom I mentioned back in August. She'll play the daughter of Williams. Plot has Faris being kidnapped on her wedding day by her divorced parents who want to prevent her making the mistakes they made. But their relationship is rekindled as they keep away from the cops and their daughter's fiance. But there's no director attached yet; let's see who takes that job. Hate the title of this one, but if the actress cast as the mom is right, and the director has a comic touch, it might not be so bad. [THR]

Faris will also possibly join Ryan Reynolds in TMI, a comedy script just bought by Universal. The script is by Kirsten Smith and Marc Klein, and basically puts forth the idea that too much honesty in a relationship could be a bad thing. No director yet; Andrew Old Dogs Panay is producing; Ryan Reynolds is exec producing. [Variety]

Finally, remember that Bonnie and Clyde remake with Hilary Duff? It evidently isn't dead, and Thora Birch will be in it alongside Duff's Bonnie and Kevin Zegers' Clyde. [Screen Daily]