Fan Trailer And Campaign For An Extended Cut Of Superman Returns

Superman Returns is not a film known for being butchered at the hands of the studio. Indeed, to the best of my knowledge, the theatrical release actually was a Bryan Singer-approved cut and absolutely free of any controversy (well, this kind of controversy at least). This hasn't stopped some dedicated fans from launching a campaign to get a new cut of the film released on DVD and Blu-ray.

They've even gone so far as to cut a trailer for this non-existent release, which you can see embedded below the break, as well as dream up a whole set of special features they'd like to see on the disc.

A good portion of this trailer uses optical zooms and pans across what look like images from tie-in books, trading cards and other bits of Superman Returns bric-a-brac. Other bits are from the film as it stands and I think there are also shots from the deleted scenes as featured on the current DVD.

I'm sure they haven't asked Bryan Singer for the use of his name in this campaign, and I'd be interested in hearing his response to these efforts.

Personally, I'd love to see this odd version of the film with everything jammed back in. Like the multiple cuts available in the Blade Runner box, for example, it would serve as a fascinating historical artifact if not necessarily the best possible version of the film. Do people gravitate towards the longest version of a film as the definitive version, irrespective of it's merit or directorial approval?

What these Returns fans don't have, I think, is a hope in heck of seeing their dream come true. What they do have is a passionately constructed, nicely designed resource for other fans looking to see what might be missing from the theatrical version of Singer's hugely undervalued film. That's the immediate value here, I think, this little archive of material probing into the film's deleted scenes. It's not all hard facts on offer, unfortunately, but the conjecture doesn't spoil the wealth of images and info that the site does offer.

Site found via Latino Review