Extraordinary Measures Trailer And Poster: Remember When Harrison Ford Made You Want To See His Movies?

I do remember, but it takes some work. Earlier this week there was a poster debut for his new film Extraordinary Measures, which was notable for the image being extraordinarily forgettable. Now the trailer has hit for the Harrison Ford film, which co-stars Brendan Fraser and Keri Russell as a couple whose two kids are diagnosed with a terminal disease. They go to a researcher, played by Ford, and attempt to bootstrap a company with the resources to develop what the kids need to survive. Catch the trailer after the break, and pine for bygone days when Harrison Ford was great.

Yahoo has this trailer, in case you want to go see it in HD. Fraser has a huge fanbase, and I've been curious to see him try to make a serious movie. (EDIT: Which, as has been pointed out, is a dumb statement, because he's made plenty. Yet the most recent one that springs to mind as a standout is The Quiet American, from 2002. No, I don't count Crash.) But a 'terminally ill kids' sort of Lorenzo's Oil remake? I'm hoping that the movie is less seriously schmaltzy and egregiously tearjerking than this trailer makes it appear, but somehow I doubt it.

As for Ford, this continues his run of not appearing to be interested in acting or film at all. I can understand that; he's done a lot, and been in some roles that must be very difficult to get away from. But if he doesn't want to act I'd prefer that he simply not do it. His movies lately have been watching someone punish themselves for unnamed sins, but with splash damage carrying over to the audience.

Side notes:

Damn, you blink and Keri Russell really grows up. When did that happen? (Rhetorical question.)

Is the song in this trailer by Adam Brody's band from Jennifer's Body? Does that song really make people want to see the movie?

Ford only points angrily at someone in this trailer in the background of a shot. He seems like he's on the verge of really going for it once, but we'll have to settle for the closed office shot and that 'angry point' rehearsal where he points at the whiteboard.

And here's the poster:
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