Get YOUR NAME In The Credits Of The Paranormal Activity DVD Release

Paramount Pictures wants to reward all of the internet moviegoers which helped make Paranormal Activity a viral phenomenon. Sure, some might argue that the marketing campaign was a very calculated attempt to make it feel like the audience "made the success" of the movie, and those people might not be wrong (but who cares? really...). Paramount is now taking that marketing concept to the release of the Blu-ray/DV, by putting YOUR NAME in the credits of the home video release. Head on over to the and fill in your name, email, and birthdate and you will be featured in the DVD credits. How cool is that?

This isn't the first time this has happened. Peter Jackson held a simuler stunt with the Extended Editions of The Lord of the Rings series, allowing fan club members to have their names in the DVD credits. And Kevin Smith famously included the first 10,000 MySpace users to friend the Clerks II movie account in the film's credits (Weinstein Co thought it would take weeks, but enough people signed up in the first two hours).

But the coolest thing about the Paranormal opportunity is that fans won't have to sit through 5 minutes of white scroll to see their names. Anyone who has seen the movie knows there isn't many credits included on the tail end of the film.. actually, not much more than a few seconds and one title card.