VOTD: Ghostbusters 2 Slimer Suit/Puppet Test Footage

As you probably know by now, I love the fly-on-the-wall making of documentaries which over the last decade have almost completely been replaced by generic making-of featurettes. A video has appeared on YouTube showing the Ghostbusters 2 effects team and Robin Navlyt (who wore the Slimer suit in the film) testing out the Slimer wearable puppet's ability to emote. While this isn't a making of documentary, it does give you a fly on the wall perspective of what it was like to design and work on the special effects for this infamous film. I wish more footage like this would be released by Sony, instead of a stupid "Restoring the Ecto-1 featurette", which was one of the only new extras included on the recent Blu-ray release of the original film.

And say what you will about the sequel (and most of it is warranted) but the range of motion in the face of everyones favorite slime ghost was much improved from the first film. It's actually pretty incredible the range of emotion they were able to get out of the puppet. Watch the video after the jump.

via: protoncharging