The Twilight Saga: New Moon Spawns IMDb Battle Of The Sexes Turf War

The Twilight Saga: New Moon hasn't even hit theaters yet, and as far as I can tell, hasn't had many advance screenings, yet the sequel has already been voted on by over 1,700 users on the Internet Movie Database. While over 46% of users have given the film a 10 out of 10, more than 44% of users have given the movie a 1 out of 10. What's the rating? 4.5. Of course it seems more like a turf war battle of the sexes than a real sample of user opinions.

The funniest thing about the rankings is the demographics behind the votes The average Male user rating is a 3.3, while the average female user rating is an 8.0. And while females under 18 rate the film a 8.7, the most popular demo is the "Twilight Mom", females aged 30-44, which have given the film an average rating of a 9.9. Wow... Full graphs after the jump.