Avatar Full Theatrical Trailer

You may have seen the international version of this trailer, which we ran last night. But if not, or if you're looking for some subtitle-free blue alien cats, then the full trailer for James Cameron's Avatar is online for your HD viewing pleasure.

Yahoo has the clip in HD, or you can watch the embed below.

Generally speaking, I like this trailer more than anything else I've seen from the film so far. It sets up the plot and manages to show off more character than even the Comic Con and Avatar Day previews. Those long-form ads gave a good idea of what we might see from the lead, Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), but this gives a much better idea of how the whole film hangs together, and of some of the other personalities we'll see.

And now that I'm over the initial hump of having to consider the film as breaking entirely new ground and being a 'game-changer' I'm OK with looking at it as a big, almost surprisingly traditional action movie and love story. While I might not be champing at the bit to see it, this looks like a fairly palatable, entertaining action epic. I don't need a game-changer, anyway. I'd rather the movie just work.

Stephen Lang looks like he could do really well chewing the scenery as a classic over the top antagonist. Love that moment where he looks like he wants to shake Sully's hand with the giant robotic hand of his power suit.

The entire clip works just fine for me until that Braveheart speech moment right at the end. (Or the Mua'dib moment, whichever you prefer.) In the final film, I hope when Sully's avatar is giving a speech to rally the hopelessly outgunned natives he does so more convincingly than this trailer makes it appear.