VOTD: Grace Director Paul Solet Carves A Jack O'Lantern

Director Paul Solet made a lot of fans with his effective dead baby shocker Grace, which premiered at Sundance this year. Now he's taking part in a short film project by Hatchet director Adam Green. The result is Jack Chop, an infomercial selling a useful and dangerous bit of Halloween gadgetry. Watch it after the break. But be warned, in addition to being fairly tasteless (that's a compliment!) this is pretty NSFW if you're stuck in a workplace that doesn't approve of copious blood and screamed profanity.

This is basically the product of friends who've got access to some effects and a total lack of respect for the human body. Solet looks like he's having a great time as he puts the Jack Chop through its paces, and it does the same to him.

More than anything else here, I love Solet's fahkin' lampooning of his fahkin' Boston background. (Green is also a Massachusetts guy.) "With the Jack Chop, you can have a real pumpkin and be the baddest dude in Revere!" Or the kicker: "But you gotta watch out, because some pumpkins...are queer!" I can't tell you the number of times people tried to tell me that in my old Somerville neighborhood.

[via Twitch]