Stallone, Schwarzenegger And Willis Finally Unite For Their Expendables Scene

Oh, the irony! The three biggest action stars of the '80s — Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis — finally shot a scene together last weekend, for Stallone's film The Expendables. And after decades of fans hoping to see this action version of a Jason/Freddy/Michael Myers mashup their big moment was only a dialogue scene. Take what you can get, I guess.

The shoot went down on Saturday, capping off months of speculation about whether Willis and/or Schwarzenegger would cameo in the film, and if so whether they'd do so together. The film's official site, the very charmingly low-key Ethelmae's Blog, described the shoot, saying it will be "a pivotal scene that sets up the whole movie":

Arnold's character is Trench and Bruce is Church, the scene was shot in an empty church without extras and minimal set dec and it has tension and humor...Bruce and Arnold were consummate professionals at all times – we got through the scene quickly without compromise.  In 6 hours we did wide shots, close-ups, turned around...the whole nine yards.

We don't have any photos yet as Lionsgate is evidently taking some time to approve them, according to the blog, which really means that Lionsgate wants to time releases of the shots to properly generate mainstream interest in the film. Since the film doesn't hit until August 10, 2010, we've probably got some time to wait before we're shown the three in character in what is sounding to me like the Expendables version of the wedding scene from Kill Bill.

Meanwhile, take a gander at the oh so '80s trailer for the film, embedded below. If you had any thoughts that this would be something other than a massive cheese fest, the clip should put them to rest. Hopefully it'll be a massively entertaining cheese fest. That's all I ask for.