George Miller Shows Off The Cars Of Mad Max 4 On Video

George Miller has appeared on ABC News in Australia, showing off the cars he's having built for Mad Max 4 and discussing his plans for the movie. This includes some hard facts on the casting. After a short sharp burst of rumours, it's good to get some straight and low-down.

You can see the video embedded below the break.

Did you spot the painted backdrop hanging there at the start of the clip, the desert and sky? I'd guess they've been filming screentests with actors behind the wheel. I've got no idea what else it could be getting used for.

Even Miller doesn't know who the final cast are yet, he says, and though he's been casting very busily for six or seven weeks, he's still got a great heap of actors to see. Who else might we want to see stepping up to audition?

I found it very interesting to hear him default to talking about Australian actors. Could he be hoping to net some homegrown stars? It would be great if he could – though, of course he was speaking to an Australian broadcaster and may have been exaggerating his concern on this front accordingly.

I'm a great fan of Hugh Jackman, as I'm sure you know, and really enjoy Geoffrey Rush and Cate Blanchett too. Not sure that I can see any of these guys in leading Mad Max roles, however. Less well known talent, however, might be tapped, so how about Emily Browning,  Louis and Costas Mandylor maybe, or Peter Marshall from The Horseman? Chris Hemsworth is too busy with Thor, though, I'm sure. Who have I forgotten? Any experts on Oz actors out there?

Miller's comments about the talent drain taking the best Australian actors and crew members overseas are maybe rather sad, but I'm encouraged by his enthusiasm in trying to create a need, and therefore employment.