Scream 4 Set For 3D? Wes Craven "Closer Than Ever" To Signing

Update: Seems like you'll be able to keep one eye closed through Scream 4 after all. Kevin Williamson has tweeted "What is this Scream 4 in 3D? First I heard of it" and "Guys? Really? 3D? Nahhhhh". I guess those Friday the 13th 3D in-jokes will have to wait for another time.

How would you like your Scream 4, sir? Jumping at you down just the one lens, or two?

A new rumor has it that the Weinsteins are setting up Scream 4 to be shot in 3D. It makes perfect sense, particularly when pretty much everything else on their horror slate will be getting shot in stereovision too. But why didn't Bob Weinstein mention the plans for 3D when he was spilling his Scream 4 guts to Variety before? I'd hazard a guess that it was because getting Wes Craven back in the director's chair was considered more important, and it wasn't known how he felt about taking on a 3D movie.

The issue is sure to have come up in negotiations, of course and if we are to slot all of the rumours together like a jigsaw, it seems like Craven is fine and dandy with 3D because the story is, he's "closer than ever" to actually inking his John Hancock where it counts.

Bloody Disgusting dished the scoop and made me, personally, rather happy. I like Scream, I like 3D, I'm badly wanting to like Scream 4 3D.

At the foot of their article Bloody Disgusting say, in a matter of fact fashion, that "the new trilogy will take on a younger version of the Scream films". Just repeating an old rumour, maybe? Or are they so sure now, after multiple corroborations, that this is the plan?

I'm sure the current trend for 3D horror cinema won't go without remark in Kevin Williamson's script. I'll bet you a proverbial dollar that somebody gets a good poke in the eye, in fact. That's how things work in Screamville, right?The only confirmed cast so far are Neve Campbell, who is rumoured to only have a cameo, and Courtney Cox and David Arquette who may have substantially larger roles. I guess the casting for the "next generation" won't start making the news for a little while longer yet, but I'm definitely intrigued to see who's taken onboard. It should prove the clearest early indication of the direction Williamson and (presumably) Craven plan for us.