Dylan Baker Back For Spider-Man 4 As Curt Connors... And Also The Lizard?

The Trick'r Treat special screenings continue, as do the Q&As with director Michael Dougherty. At last night's presentation at the Lincoln Center's Walter Reade Theater, the director was joined by Dylan Baker. Amidst the slew of reportedly dull and dumb questions, two things of note became clear. One: somebody in the audience was thinking that Baker looks like William H. Macy; and two: Baker is coming back for another go around in the Spider-Man film franchise.

You may recall that he appeared in the most recent two Spider-Man films as Dr. Curt Connors, the man who – as per the comics at least – is fated to turn into Spidey's scaly foe, The Lizard.

A source for UGO was there at the Q&A, and reported on Baker and Dougherty's comments. There seemed to be some joking going on, helping to keep the truth about Baker's role rather fuzzy. Though we don't know what size of role Baker is up for this time, I think we can be sure that it's true he's had the call and he's coming back to the Empire State University for more.

Good. I think its about time they paid this whole Lizard tease off. What's more, I think Baker is a really great actor and I want to see more of him, more of his Connors, even more of his motion-captured or prosthetic-enhanced, transformed self.

Actually, that's a good point... how would they approach The Lizard these days? I'm liking the idea of Baker having to go all Serkis and romp around a motion capture stage, but I'm also liking the idea of a good make-up job.

So, when it comes to the mysterious villainy that Raimi, Ross and co. have in store for us, it looks like the needle is swinging towards the reptile end of the spectrum. My money's still on the side of multiple villains though. Not that I want that (though I don't specifically not want it either), but because that's just what I expect.