Cool Stuff: Chop Shop's undeadWe T-Shirt

We've featured many of the Chopping Block's t-shirts in past editions of Cool Stuff. The designs usually feature a collection of themed people, creatures, objects, or things from popular movies/books/video games. The latest and last addition to their Horror/Fantasy collection is the UndeadWe t-shirt, which "packs in 51 zombies, ghosts, mummies, spirits and other boo-tiful members of the living dead. References range from television, film, video games, popular music, animation, literature, legend and another one from the breakfast table."

The t-shirt is available in Mens and Womens sizes, priced at $20 plus shipping. Chop Shop is also selling the full three shirt set for $45, which is the same as getting the 3rd design for about $5... or 30% off all 3.

How many of the undead can you reccognize? We've included a numbered version below for you to submit your guesses.

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