Robert Redford's The Conspirator Has A Great Cast; First Images And Video Surface

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It didn't take long at all for Robert Redford's The Conspirator to get off the ground. The film, which hinges on the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, was announced only months ago and is already shooting in Savannah, GA. We knew some of the cast prior to the shoot's start, but now we've got a host of good names to throw your way, in addition to some pics and video.

We knew that James McAvoy and Robin Wright Penn were the primaries, with Penn playing Mary Surratt, the woman charged and eventually executed for her part in the conspiracy to kill Lincoln. McAvoy is Frederick Aiken, her defender.

Now we've got a bunch of new names: Tom Wilkinson, Evan Rachel Wood, Kevin Kline and Alexis Bledel are on board, as is Justin Long. (CHUD confirmed Long and Bledel before the trades did, and the Playlist first heard that Wood was in, along with the great Toby Kebbell, which the trades still haven't reported. Variety reports the rest.) Long is Aiken's best friend, a one-armed Civil War vet; Wood is Mary Surratt's daughter; Bledel is Aiken's wife; Wilkinson is Aiken's mentor and US Senator Reverdy Johnson; and Kline is Edwin Stantin, Lincoln's War Secretary. And who's Kebbell playing? That would be John Wilkes Booth, raconteur and assassin. Though it's probably a small role, hat's got my ticket bought, right there.

The Playlist is also to thank for the photos of McAvoy and Wood in costume, seen in part above. Head over there to see them in full. Meanwhile, here are two pretty silly local on-set reports that take a bit of patience to sit through, but do give a couple views of actors in costume like, walking and talking and stuff. Not too exciting, but it's something. I love this cast and am really intrigued to see how the final edit shakes out.