Green Lantern Officially Moves Out Of Australia

I thought the fact that Martin Campbell's Green Lantern would not shoot in Australia was more or less understood at this point. All indications have pointed in that direction for a while. Regardless, now we know for certain that the film will shoot elsewhere, as the US dollar has weakened to the point where the location is no longer feasible. Sorry, OZ! At least you can ride the Where the Wild Things Are wave this weekend. See what a strong economy does for you?

THR reports the pullout and says the production will likely move to Mexico (which seems likeliest right now) or Canada. Warner Bros. says that "the current global economic situation, including fluctuations in currency valuation and overall costs" is to blame for the move. Which is just a suit's parsing of the fact that the Australian dollar hit an almost 30-year high against the US dollar today, and is forecast to possibly exceed the USD's value by the end of the year.

How does this affect you, the Green Lantern end user? Not at all, really; it's just a point of interest. The show will most definitely go on, we'll just have to look on Mexican sites for early spy photos rather than Australian ones.

And in semi-related news, if you've heard rumors that Doug Jones, geek movie character actor extraordinaire, will be in Green Lantern, don't be too quick to credit them. Jones has heard the rumors, too, but tells MTV that he hasn't had any offers at this point. Easy to see how that rumor might get started, and given that the film is a space-spanning epic, there's a good chance that there'll be a need for a tall, flexible alien somewhere in the roster. In which case someone should definitely give Jones a call.