Toy Story 3 Character Poster Roundup, And How An Unused Ending For Toy Story Ended Up In This Sequel

Last week, we premiered one of the character posters for Toy Story 3. I wanted to quickly round up all the others that appeared on sites around the web. (We also had the leaked TS3 trailer on Friday, and the 'real' version goes live today at noon, so I'll be updating and bumping that story accordingly.) And this is also a good place to throw a neat little tidbit your way: there was one ending scripted for the original Toy Story that wasn't used, but was eventually adapted into a major plot aspect of Toy Story 3. It's all after the jump.

First up, that bit from Toy Story that was revamped into Toy Story 3. The Pixar Touch blog prints this rundown of a possible conclusion to the original film:

As the kids show up, they start playing with the toys and the air is singing with the toys' joy. The other toys tell our four heroes how great it really is: It's a kindergarten, you never get outgrown because every year there's a new crop of kids, and the toys even get summers off! Tinny [the star of Tin Toy and the originally-envisioned star of Toy Story] and friends have really found their heaven, and their happy ending.

This is obviously way early stuff, as it is from the first treatment for Toy Story, and is therefore pre-Woody and Buzz. And it's quite different from the day care center we see in the trailer for the third film now. In the current incarnation of this story, the kids at the center are rougher and nuttier than the toys really seem to be prepared for. Still, it's an interesting look at how Pixar keeps a sheaf of possible ideas around for use, even if they don't fit the film for which they were originally conceived.

And now, the character posters, in brief. We've already featured Rex's image from MySpace; these come from Moviefone (Woody), Yahoo (Buzz),  ComingSoon (Jessie) and AICN (Slinky Dog). Small versions are below, click through to the original posts for the full-size.