J.J. Abrams Spills On Star Trek 2, Mission: Impossible 4, And Fringe

At a recent press conference held to celebrate the upcoming DVD/Blu-ray release of Star Trek, J.J. Abrams was on hand to chat about his upcoming projects. There were the requisite Star Trek 2 questions (3-D anyone?), and he also talks a bit about Mission: Impossible 4 and Fringe. Several questions focused on Leonard Nimoy's involvement in these future projects, one of which seems particularly surprising.

When asked about doing the film in 3-D, Abrams mentioned that he's looking at the technology after being wowed by Avatar footage. The idea was apparently brought up for the first Trek film, but he was terrified at dealing with something so new on his second feature film.

Leonard Nimoy's involvement was also brought up for Star Trek 2, but since they're still so early on with the story he's not sure if there will be a need for Nimoy to reappear. Abrams did confirm that we'll be seeing a lot more of Nimoy in Fringe.

When asked if Nimoy could potentially reprise his original Mission: Impossible TV series role (as master of disguise, "The Amazing Paris") in MI:4, Abrams replied:

How cool would that be? I just got a call that Peter Graves is in great shape, which would be a very bizarre bend in the space-time continuum, for obvious reasons. I almost feel like you could make him serious again and bringing him back. Whether it's Nimoy, who I have an incredible affinity for, or Graves, or anyone, we'll see.

I for one would love to see Nimoy kicking ass in Abram's M:I universe, and the addition of Peter Graves certainly wouldn't hurt either.

You can read a transcript of the event over at Collider, which includes more Fringe, and Star Trek tidbits.

Discuss: What do you think Star Trek 2 should be about? Would the addition of Nimoy make you more excited for Mission: Impossible 4?

Photo via Esquire