Tarantino Will Make Another Film Before Kill Bill 3; Perhaps A Western Or Gangster Picture

Last week we heard that Quentin Tarantino would make another installment in his Kill Bill series (which would seem to necessitate a stretch in what the title means, since Bill is dead) but that will likely be a few years down the road. Which, being this being Tarantino, could mean it won't happen at all. But while doing a press conference for Inglourious Basterds at the Morelia Film Festival the filmmaker said he'd do a film between now and Kill Bill 3. What it could be, after the break.

While saying he's 'wide open' to possibilities (meaning: take all this with a healthy grain of salt) Variety says Tarantino mentioned two genres in particular: the Western and a '20s/'30s 'Pretty Boy Floyd' type of gangster picture.

He's talked Western before, telling Empire not too long ago, "Well I still want to do a Western, I haven't done a Western yet. I keep flirting about with it, but I haven't done it yet." Granted, there are Western influences aplenty in the Kill Bill films already, and his love for The Searchers and Sergio Leone shows up in both the Kill Bill films and Inglourious Basterds. And while he's saying now that he'd be into 're-imagining' the Western or gangster picture genres, he's already been part of a significant Western re-imagining in the form of Sukiyaki Western Django.

But somehow I'm still more interested in that than his gangster picture. While he hasn't done period gangsters, we've got three great movies from him that deal intimately with the modern version of those characters. The run of films from Reservoir Dogs to Jackie Brown could easily stand as the director's stamp on the gangster genre. Meanwhile, his frequent Western references and leaning on music from Ennio Morricone and other famed Spaghetti Western composers suggests that's something he could really use to get out of his system. I'm voting for the oater.