David Goyer Says His 9-Year Old Ghost Rider Script Is Being Trimmed To PG-13 For Ghost Rider 2

Few fans seem to really want a Ghost Rider 2, but Columbia is making the film regardless. Recently it was reported that David Goyer has been tapped to produce and write the story. He wrote a Ghost Rider script years ago that has gone unused, and now we know for certain that Goyer's old script will be the basis for the new movie, presumably with Nicolas Cage again in the lead role.

Goyer tells Collider, "I wrote a script about nine years ago, and Sony and the producers decided that they wanted to make that as the sequel. So...I'm coming on as a producer, and we're basically doing a polish of my nine-year old scipt. So there's not as much work involved." That script was a little more hardcore than the movie we eventually saw directed by Mark Steven Johnson. "It was definitely written as a hard-R...It was a Blade-type film. Now they want it to be PG-13." Goyer goes on to bring up Dark Knight, which pushed the boundaries of PG-13.

So what's the script about? IGN has a review from 2000 that covers a Goyer script, but they're reviewing a draft dated 1995, so it's probably absurd to expect that review to have too much bearing on things. But there the direction is described as more Road Warrior than Marvel universe, and indeed the story described has Ghost Rider fighting a biker gang made up of dudes descended from demons. They want to bring the demon Zarathos to earth; Ghost Rider has to stop them. But what's described there is as much origin story as anything else, and so unless this sequel is really more of a reboot, I would surmise that the draft being worked on now has quite a few differences.

Collider also got a brief update on the potential Magneto film, which basically boils down to: it might get made. Goyer explains that Fox is developing Magneto, Deadpool, X-Men: First Class and Wolverine 2. He's a busy guy, and if they decide they want to make Magneto and they come to him, he'll figure it out then. So, no real update, which is just fine.