Blaxploitation Parody Black Dynamite Spawns Animated Series

A couple of hours ago I finally caught Black Dynamite, which became an internet sensation based on a very well cut trailer. (Not this one, sadly, but this is what Apparition is using to sell the film now.) Despite having been told that the film plays better as a trailer than a feature I had a really good time with it. The plot is more wild and weird than I'd expected, and Michael Jai White does a great version of the stereotypical self-involved '70s badass.

The end credits are a lot of fun, too, in part because they sport fantastic animation showing Black Dynamite kicking ass left and right. So the news that the character will soon be showing up  in his own animated series is very welcome, but hardly surprising.

Latino Review reports that Michael Jai White dropped the animated series bomb while talking about the film today. White says the series will air on Cartoon Network, which leads one to expect Adult Swim. White says one of the guys behind The Boondocks is behind the series, but that can mean a lot of different things. I'm praying it's Six Point Harness, the same outfit that animated the end credits.

Let's hope the show airs on Adult Swim, because there's another piece of animation in the film which, while more overtly adult and erotic than even AS can get away with, points to how some of the movie's vibe might translate to television. There's a lot to work with there, or at least enough for a season or two starring the man who wears a hudred-dollar suit and drives a thousand-dollar car.

I'm talking to Michael Jai White and director Scott Sanders when they arrive in Atlanta on Monday, and in between then I'll be bugging my friends at Cartoon and Adult Swim for more info. Hopefully we'll be able to get more details to you soon. (And looking around, it seems that we're all late to this party — the series was mentioned in passing at Cartoon Network's panel(s) at Dragon*con at the beginning of September, but few seem to have picked up on it.)