Details Leak From Script To Robert Rodriguez's Predators. Film To Feature Predator Dogs And Birds?

News arrived over the weekend that Machete himself, Danny Trejo, had joined the cast of Predators, the sci-fi revamp that Robert Rodriguez has been given creative carte blanche to make in hopes of a blockbuster. Well, our pals at Latino Review have read the script by Michael Finch, Alex Litvak, and RR and they declare it, "a 90-page kick-ass sci-fi movie worthy of the original. The script isn't some lame PG-13 follow-up. It's a bloody, violent hard-R script." The script features a multi-culti, motley crew of criminals, "Predator hunting dogs," and "Predator falcons," the latter two of which remind me of the Avatar trailer. Spoilerish details to follow...

I guess the movie's unlikely group of humans doesn't actually know the unofficial name of the alien species they're visiting, because they soon reach the realization that...they're being hunted. LR describes the Predators' home as...

The Predator planet is a game perserve and our eight humans are the game and are hunted by alien Predator dogs, Predator falcons, and the most cool, the Predator that is orchestistrating a super Predator, think of a normal Predator jacked up on steroids! In the script he is referred to as Black Super Predator.

No discos? LR says the Black Super Predator—no clarification on the "Black," but this film already sounds like a more grindhouse-y version of the original: Super Rasta?—is joined by two other super P's. It's not pretty. The hunted human protagonists eventually encounter another human, a recluse and survivor that resides in a cave, and he alerts them that...humans have been abducted and used for prey for years. Somebody buy that dude with the purple cape on Jerry Springer a beer, he was right all along.

As long as Robert Rodiguez and his protege, Nimród Antel, who is officially credited as the director, don't rush the production and apply the care, SFX, and detail of Sin City to Predator, I'm all in for this one come next summer. However, while the Predator franchise is definitely a more macho one than Alien, I would still rather see Predators drift into a more serious, sci-fish direction akin to Scott's original Alien. Perhaps, this will occur down the line if and when Predators brings some box office fire and restores a legacy tarnished by the AVP travesties.

Oh yeah, and LR says there's room for a cameo by the Governor of California. Danny Glover is too old for that shit. Etc.

What's your impression of Predators based on the news?