EXCLUSIVE: New Poster For Antichrist, From Fanastic Fest

Peter and many other editors have been earning my jealousy over the last five days as they attend Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX. The major reason for my jealousy is obvious if you just glance at the Fest's schedule. But a more minor reason is that in conjunction with the event the Alamo Drafthouse and MondoTees roll out quite a few posters for films that are on the bill.

One such film is Antichrist, the latest from provocateur Lars Von Trier. The Drafthouse has given us the exclusive full-size look at the poster, which MondoTees teased last Thursday on Twitter.

Right now these are only available at the physical store, where you can grab one for a measly $25. (They will eventually be available to web shoppers as well, hopefully alongside the fun Clash of the Titans poster from FF.) The 27" x 40" print was commissioned by Fantastic Fest and designed by David D'Andrea. The artist's work has a really natural design vibe, with a definite '70s/stoner bent in the images he's done for bands like Thrones and Boris. He's a great choice to create an image for this film, which has nature running through it like blood. Good to see that he shied away from some of the movie's more horrific images, too. As much as I loved that scissor poster that showed up a while ago, this is the Antichrist design I'd hang on the wall.

IFC will release the film On Demand and in theatres October 23, according to the IFC website. Antichrist has been playing a few festivals (Toronto, Fantastic Fest, NYFF) since it opened to controversy at Cannes, and the modulation of critical reception has been really interesting to see. I can't wait to catch the film, hopefully in a proper theater where I can't easily look away from all the awful bits.