Dimension Confirm Details Of Scream 4, Spy Kids 4, An American Werewolf In London Redux And More

It looks suspiciously like somebody has slipped Bob Weinstein a shot of truth serum because he's just spilled enough Dimension dirt to keep me blogging for a week. Buckle up, however, because I'm going to blast through it all in one big burst. After the break: Scream 4 casting and director news, Spy Kids 4 details, promises of a string of remakes and sequels set to be shot in 3D and even a little reveal about the release strategy for The Road.

Weinstein has confirmed to Variety that Scream 4 will indeed be the first in a new trilogy. Knowing this ahead of time, rather than having to keep retrofitting the overall structure as he did with the first 3, Kevin Williamson should be able to fashion a more coherent series than last time around. Wes Craven is, thankfully, in talks for the director's seat and Neve Campbell has been freshly signed.

She had been playing hard to get, and Williamson has tweeted in the past that he was unsure how to make the films work without her. Troubles over.

Personally, I won't be happy unless each and every film in the new trilogy features Red Right Hand by The Bad Seeds. It could even play a more active role this time, if Williamson decides to work it into the plot. That could be fun. A Marco Beltrami score wouldn't go amiss either.

It looks like Craven will be needing a new editor, however, as Patrick Lussier will be busy directing a 3D Halloween picture for Dimension. That's just one of the many stereoscopic flicks that Weinstein discussed in the interview, also confirming plans for the Short Circuit, Hellraiser and Scanner remakes, all of them with that extra, third dimension in place. Unclear is whether or not the Children of the Corn remake will need the funny shades to watch, or if it will be a plain and simple 2D affair. I'm banking on the 3D option.

An American Werewolf in London is also due a 3D do-over, but that seems like such a dappy plan to me. What are the chances of this redux coming close to the quality of the original? 'Slim' would be puting it mildly. Oh well. At least we have the jaw-dropping Werewolf Blu-Ray to cherish forever.

A fourth Spy Kids is also set for 3D production, with Weinstein revealing a partnership with Disney and a March start for production. How curious. I wouldn't be surprised to see the formerly anaglyph-powered Spy Kids 3D get retooled and rereleased in the Real-D format, though I also expect that Weinstein would have announced that plan if he'd had it. Maybe he just hadn't thought of it yet. Robert Rodriguez is currently scripting this fourth picture, I'd expect with the input of his kids who have grown up in step with the stars of the series, and he will be directing. Spy Teens? Or will the family have grown?

Are all of these films really going to get made now? Here's Bob:

There is no question that financing is readily available to produce and market these films. I am eager to expand our scope in the 3D business.

Seems that 3D can draw investors even at troubled times like these. Should we stop expecting The Weinsteins to vanish in a puff of smoke? I guess so.

Finally, something of more immediate concern. Despite a series of mixed reviews from the festival circuit dampening enthusiasm somewhat, The Road still seems to be one of the more keenly awaited films with /Film commenters. We can now expect that the film's US release to take place on November 25th to be a mid-sized one, hitting 800 theatres. Maybe you won't have to drive quite as far as you'd feared.