Fantastic Fest Video Review: Paranormal Activity

At Telluride I got my first glimpse at Paranormal Activity, the $11,000 microbudget Blair Witch-style POV haunted house indie which scared audiences at Slamdance. I screened the film outside, in a park, in the darkness of night. Girls screamed, guys laughed nervously, and many people shielded their eyes with their hands. I didn't write a review at the time because I wanted to see the film again. I wanted to see how it would play in a movie theater, and I wanted to watch the audience's reactions. I knew that a midnight screening at during Fantastic Fest was planned, and decided to wait as the Alamo Drafthouse would surely be the perfect crowd.

This movie is well crafted, and makes a lot of a little. The film basically focuses on a couple in a house. Two other minor characters make short appearances, but for the most part this film is minimalist – two people, one house, one video camera, and a ghost/demon. Both of the characters are natural and likable, which makes this film all the more believable. And while you might not be scared out of your mind (I'll admit I only jumped once or twice), you'll have a lot of fun — especially if you see this with your girlfriend and a lot of friends.

After the screening, I recorded a very quick three and a half minute video blog reaction with Kent from and Rusty from Watch that now after the jump.