Interview: Diablo Cody And Jason Reitman On Jennifer's Body

Last week I had the opportunity to interview screenwriter Diablo Cody and producer Jason Reitman about the new teen horror comedy Jennifer's Body.

During the interview we talked about the 1980's horror influences of the film, the magic of old horror movie cover art, Diablo's cameo and the full burn that never happened, the prospects of a Cody/Reitman comedy tour, the warm thoughts from /Film commenters, Cody's writing process, the troubles of keeping pop culture jokes relevant through the lengthy development process, Jason's thoughts on directing horror films,  the first time Jason watched Nightmare on Elm Street, Diablo on writing strong female protagonists, and finally... Reitman and Cody address the Juno backlash.

And since Diablo and JasOn are both very active on Twitter, I also decided to ask some quick questions from Twitter users: Will Reitman direct Tara? Does Diablo feel pressure to change her writing style? Will Diablo direct? Will Jason and Diablo work together again? What does Diablo think of the "unfair criticism"? Does Jason feel pressure to be more like his father? How are the characters in Juno and Jennifer's Body connected? Which John Hughes teen movie would be better with Demons?

I'm publishing this interview a couple days late because of a couple reasons: troubles finding a high speed internet connection, and audio problems (we've tried to correct most of them, but some unevenness still exists).