Where The Wild Things Ought To Be...

The Furies versus The Furries? Spike Jonze's official blog for Where the Wild Things Are, We Love You So, is currently running a fan art contest—prize: WTWTA skatedecks—and entries thus far have been rather inventive and/or delightfully hokey. For instance, while the above image is sans iconic creatures, the positing of the film's child character, Max, alongside The Warriors gets the imagination firing down corridors previously closed-off. We've posted a few more  superlative mash-ups after the jump...


This fan entry utilizes the classic Jaws poster, and the result conjures wild wet t-shirt '80s sex romps, skate stickers, and last but not least, the infamous NSFW Fuct t-shirt that was a big staple in high schools circa the '90s. Using my degree in professional fan art criticism, I must say that I dig how this entry plays into the unpredictable motives of Maurice Sendak's Wild Things. You never really know what's going on behind their conspiratorial full-moon eyes; in this case, I have no idea whether the Thing is going to cuddle her, savor a sun-tanned munchie, or make sex to her.


This one is almost too good.  Taking the historical high wire feat at the center of acclaimed doc, Man on Wire, and dousing it with overcast, childlike fantasy creates a tingly and dizzying sensation. I'm not sure which Max-centric entry I like more: this one or The Warriors? You?


Pat Morita can get a little relief from rolling around in his coffin at The Kung Fu Kid with this goofy entry that exchanges a Wild Thing for Daniel-Son. It's a little confusing though, because shouldn't Max Records be practicing on the stump instead? And is the Wild Thing showing off his skills or clumsily attempting to nab a seagull and pull its wings off? Also, the beach that Max arrives on in the film has violent waves and darker skies, details lost on the inept creator.


Inappropriate. Put out an Amber Alert.