New Posters: Law-Abiding Citizen, Antichrist, Michael Jackson Doc This Is It

Three new posters have cropped up in the last twenty-four hours. One is only a design proposal, though it is probably the best of the bunch. The other two range from unimpressive photoshoppery to fairly well-done photoshoppery. Figure out which is which after the break.

First up is the new image for Law Abiding Citizen, premiered today as an exclusive at Cinematical. It's not a terrible image for the revenge film per se, just an uninspired one as it simply mashes up the two previously-released character posters. I liked those individually, as they had a fun b-movie vibe, but this one isn't capturing me. Click the image to get to the full version at Cinematical.


Next is the design proposal for an Australian Antichrist poster, via In Contention. This is a damn good image, appropriately uncomfortable and threatening. If you know some of the film's secrets it is easily the most on the nose image we've seen for it so far, but for those who don't know (and please, don't reveal anything in the comments even though it's pretty much common knowledge at this point) this scissors and faces design should be tantalizing and suggestive without giving anything away. I'd hang this on my wall, but I'm sick like that. (It could go right next to my poster for Cronenberg's Crash.)


Finally, there's the debut teaser poster for the Michael Jackson tour documentary This is It. I've got no love for the idea of this movie, and less interest in seeing it, but this is a pretty good image. It isn't terribly over the top, nicely captures the same design sense we've seen from the last decade of Michael Jackson imagery, and therefore will be immediately recognizable as a promo for Jackson and the film. As these things go, it's pretty solid.